sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010

I like it...

I have a ghost in my garage.

During the past summer I tried a road bike from a friend. It caught me.

I liked the position in the bike. I was afraid of didn’t like it, but surprisingly did. We are constantly in high speed.
I liked the look of the bike. I liked it’s aggressiveness. I liked the sensation of speed it transmits. I liked its stiffness.
I liked the little friction of the tires due to its minimum width and elegance.
I liked to go down fast. I also liked to climb ...
I liked the colours and the decoration of the frame.
I liked the stiffness of the wheels. As for the price, I could have liked more. But even if I liked it, I would never admit it.
I liked to take only half an hour from home to work.

I like the freedom it gives me.
I like to do longer distances in less time.
I like going out without a destination.
I like to ride fast, get up of the saddle and ride faster.
I like to play with “teco-Tecos” (no drivers licence required vehicles).
I like to weave through traffic without having to stand still.
I like the relatively low maintenance that requires.
I like to enjoy everything I said.

But what I really like is to ride my bike. Road or mountain. Alone or together.
I like long distances. But also like the short and intense ones.
I like challenges (though to some people may seem a little crazy and frankly to me too).
I like the plans for 2011 and I like all my friends who agreed to join me on this journey (by car or motorbike).

I wish I could do whatever I like.

I will enjoy especially if I can continue to do it, because it would be a good sign.

And in Rita’s words –I like it.

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